8 Personal Branding Moves to Survive an Unpredictable Job Market

Brianne Fleming
5 min readApr 5, 2020
Many are experiencing sudden job loss amid COVID-19. Is your personal brand in check?

I saw on the news that 6.6 MILLION people have applied for unemployment amid the coronavirus pandemic. This makes my heart hurt.

Aside from social distancing, I wanted to help any way I knew how. So I’ve put together eight essential personal branding moves you should make right now to ready yourself in this unstable job market.

Whether you are still gainfully employed or if you’ve recently been let go, these steps are some of the best things you can do to position yourself for whatever lies ahead.

Personal Branding Moves to Make Right Now

Here are some things you can do to help yourself during this time of uncertainty.

1. Update your résumé.

It’s always wise to have your latest and greatest résumé ready to go. Update it with your most recent experience and accomplishments. If you can, include figures and data to illustrate the value you’ve added in all of your roles.

Rather than relying on a plain Word document, consider the gorgeous resume templates you can find on Canva (and they are FREE!). The small design details will make you more memorable (remember Elle Woods and her pink resume?!) Here are a few of Canva’s templates.

2. Organize your portfolio.

I know there are a ton of amazing projects you’ve worked on in your career. Now is your time to compile them all! This way, when you’re in front of a potential employer, you can show vs. tell.

Think about systems you’ve built, posts that you’ve written, videos you’ve edited, photos you’ve taken, or collateral you’ve designed. If the evidence of your work is less tangible (maybe you are a make-up artist or personal trainer) collect testimonials, personal recommendations, or photos to illustrate what you can do.

3. Register a domain.

Social media is great, but if you really want to own your brand, you need to own your domain! This typically costs less…

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